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  • Improve productivity
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Colaboration tool
  • Social integration
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Broke the email jail!!

The email is a jail for many of us because we receive TOO MANY newsletters, Q&A mails, announcements, reply all mails, spam, etc. We need a fast, practical and easy solution. Do the email like never before.

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Drag & Drop interface

Email can be fast, easy and FUN. With drag & drop interface you can just convert your drop in actions like deletes, auto answer, share, or label your mails. This way makes faster the reading and organization of your inbox. And of course it is COOLER!

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Share emails with your team

Email clients were born before the email became the main colaboration tool, but it is not the best: is private, not smart, inconsistent, etc. Mind mail provides the option to share email folders with your team ( like dropbox with files ). Forget the answer all, or distribution lists.

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Your social networks are in

We know that you cannot live with out your social life (facebook & twitter by now). Is why on mind mail you can mange your email, facebook messages and direct messages from twitter, all in the same screen and the same functionallity between them.

life will be a whole lot happier

"Have to say I’m pretty excited to see if these guys can pull off a new e-mail browser. If they nail this, life will be a whole lot happier inside the gmail..." -@mceoin (StartupBus driver)

improve the email work flow

Overall I think this is an interesting attempt to improve the email work flow. -@kzhu (Creator of & )

How it works?


All your accounts in the same place

No matter how many email and social accounts you have, you can manage all of them in the same place.

You don´t need to create an extra account, every time you log in with any account you will see all of them. 


 Mindmail - How it works? No lineal interface


No lineal interface

Forget the email timelines, with mindmail you will answer, manage, order or delete your mails in a

fast way with different view. The drag & drop interface allows you to do your email faster than ever. 




Mind map organization

The organization of your emails will become organic, more like you are and like you want to find your information on emails. It is easy to create more nodes, assign relations between them or delete an entire set of emails. 



MindMail - How it works? Mindmap organization 
Mindmail - How it works? Share emails


Share emails

The email has becaming the main colaboration tool, mindmail have the posibility to share the nodes

of your mind map. If you share, you don´t need to forward anymore the email to your time, you can avoid

the distribution lists. Is like dropbox with files, but with emails. You will love it when is neededd to forward email with heavy attachements. 




Auto actions

Auto actions will make your life easier, you can just drop your email in the action, and mindmail will do it for you. You can configure your message and mindmail answers to the sender automatically. 



 Mindmail - How it works? Auto actions

The team









Advice & feedback from:

David Andujo Eoin McMillian Carla Yashiro Kejia Zhu Manolo Diaz

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